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Advanced Airbrush Art DVDs

Advanced Airbrush Art DVDs

Once you have learned the basics with airbrush art, you can start to learn more advanced techniques. These advanced techniques consign help you to render more imaginative art. Videos can help you learn this advanced airbrush art techniques. You care also get videos that will help you learn how to render a personal design that will fit protect the airbrush art you are heavy to create.

One such symptomatic design video is Creating Killer Dragons, produced by AirBrush Agility Magazine with master airbrush artist Crossed Eyed. Crossed Eyed will expound you how to create airbrushed dragons by showing you all the essential techniques involved in rendering all aspects of the dragon.

Killer Klown with Javier Soto will show you how to create airbrushed clowns. This video will bang into how to create the popular psycho demented style of clowns. These style of clowns seem to very popular with custom paint jobs. so if you are wanting to get in on how to create these clowns, then this video is for you. Javier Soto will deal with the use of gleaming colors, textures, highlighting and the use of kandies in creating a brilliant looking whacko clown.

Kustom Pinstriping Techniques featuring airbrush artist Craig Fraser will show you exhaustive the aspects of pin striping. This video will show you everything you need to comprehend about pin striping so that you can reach professional level pin striping. With this video you trust learn about the originate and application process, the different types of airbrushes for pin stripping and which brush is right for which job. Learn about choosing paints and other material that you will need. Practice exercises will have you practicing what you see on the vinyl so that you can master your skills.

Biker Skull featuring renowned airbrush entertainer Robert Benedict will show you step - by - step how to create a professional looking skull in a leather cap. This video is a bare advanced detail orientated video that is a one of a kind as the methods and such have never been put on video before. With this video you consign learn what you need to have an edge over a lot of other airbrush artists.

Caricatures are seen in a lot of art and airbrush art makes for creating some really interesting caricatures. Kent Lind will show you how to create air-conditioned caricatures in this approximately 70 minute video titled, How to Airbrush Caricatures. This recording will go into all the details that you will need to know to create your own airbrush art caricatures. These designs are great on t - shirts, canvas further if you really want you can put then on your car.

After all art is all about imagination and showing off your creative imagination. advancing your techniques and learning new design methods can advice you to present your airbrush art. Once you have learned the advance techniques and design styles offered in these advanced articles, you can so customize what you learned to create airbrush art that is truly your own.


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