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Airbrush Art Expert - Pamela Shanteau

Pamela Shanteau is a renowned airbrush artists who's airbrush talent streams over multiple styles and surfaces. She is recognized among her peers and airbrush enthusiasts for your custom airbrush art. Her surfaces choices for her airbrush art include automotive and motorcycles and the body. It is her airbrush art on the motorcycles that has placed her in the ranks with other famous custom airbrush artists.

Her airbrush art has been featured in the 2006 Iwata, the RM 2006 and the 2007 Paint calendars. The 2006 and also the 2007 Signature Harley Davidson calendars have featured Shanteau's airbrush art. While these calendars show off a great deal of her facility they are by far not the only place where you can see this expert airbrush artist.

Magazines such as Hot Rod, Airbrush Action, AutoGraphics, Easy Rider, Mini - Truckin have featured Shanteau's airbrush art in their publications. These of course are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to publications that have featured her work.

Shanteau does not just create talented airbrush art, she also teaches others how to create the same high quality airbrush art that she herself creates. In February of 2002 she released the book, The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook. In this book she teaches the basics of airbrush art, airbrush types and how to set up an airbrush shop. The book covers such styles of airbrushing such as fingernails, automotive, t - shirts and even leather. In July of 2007 Shanteau released another book to help weird artists learn the art of airbrushing. Her book titled, Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Airbrushing teaches never before seen techniques.

These techniques are her own exclusive techniques damsel created and she is sharing them screen you.
Shanteau offers visual DVD and vhs tapes to help other learn how to create airbrush art on automotives again motorcycles. These videos show you step by step exactly how to do certain techniques to create specific looks. Her series teaches about airbrushing flames, murals and masking techniques and motorcycle gas taking airbrushing. Her videos will give you a more visual learning aid than you would get from the forever directions in her books, so if you learn better from watching then the videos are your best bet when learning from Shanteau.

Pamela Shanteau also teaches workshops around the United States that offer a hands on learning experience for airbrush artists. Her workshops allow for students to learn her techniques again gain more knowledge while under her supervision. She is there to show you how to do airbrush art, help you quickly spot your mistakes and learn how to advance in your techniques.

Shanteau is without reservation a prolific airbrush artists and the chance to learn from her will greatly benefit any artist from beginner to advanced. Her styles further techniques are unique to her again she is openly offering to show them to others who truly craving to learn airbrush art. She has given artists three great mediums in which to learn from her distinctive personal style. It is this distinctive style that has her ranked high in the airbrush art industry.


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