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Airbrush Art On Automobiles

Airbrush Art On Automobiles

By airbrushing art onto your automobile you can create a unique paint job that really shows off your style. Once you have the basics down on how to work the airbrush then you can pretty vastly create some great airbrush art on your automobile. It does not matter if you can allure or not. There is no need to be able to free service you art work either. Stencils can be used to airbrush art on to your automobile due the same as any other surface or project. The art that you create with airbrushing is unaccompanied limited to your own imagination. There are plenty of places to acquire stencils or get invent ideas so that you can create your own stencils.

If you do create your own stencils for airbrushing your automobile do not use paper to create your stencils. Automobiles wish lots of paint and this will waste paper stencils rather quickly. So stick with plastic or vinyl material for your stencils. A great cheap protean to use for stencils is thin plastic folders. These can imitate picked up cheaply in office supply areas of most stores.

When doing airbrush art licensed are unalike types of airbrushes that are available. The best airbrush to use for putting airbrush art onto an automobile is a gravity fed airbrush. This is the one that professionals use and will give your artwork a flying quality look. The paint can be automotive paint but make sure that you use a well ventilated area as the fumes can pose a health hazard. It is best when using automotive paint to wear a respirator at all times. When using automotive paint make sure that it is thin enough to flow through the airbrush. If the automotive colouring that you keep chosen does not flow consequently thin it down so that it flows. The paint should be thinned to about a milk diameter. A good automotive lacquer will work fine to thin down your automotive paint.

Different airbrush art calls for different psi on your compressor. PSI stands for pounds per square inch and for automotive airbrush art you need a compressor that has a psi of 55 - 65. Iwata is a great name epithet to go with and they offer four compressors that will work for airbrushing automotives. Badger is another choice name brand that you incumbency go with. They offer several air compressors that will work when doing airbrush art on automobiles.

When it comes to any meed of your actual airbrush equipment such as the airbrush and its parts as well as the compressor make sure to go with name brand. Do not use any knock offs a these will cost you more money and lots of headaches in the long run. You get what you pay for and when it comes to airbrush art you need to go with names that you can trust. A crowd of buffet offs also will gift for a harder time the nod replacement parts when they tear boost. Knock offs will tear up quicker than the name brands. So save yourself the hassle of being in the middle of your airbrush art project on your automobile and find yourself unable to get replacement parts for your airbrush equipment.


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