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Airbrush Art Tattoo Kits

Airbrush art domination the form of temporary tattoos are a fun and exciting way to create temporary tattoos. These tattoos stick to longer than other temporary tattoos and relinquish a more realistic look to them. Altered henna that must correspond to hand painted airbrush art tattoos can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Airbrush art kits give you the needful tools to get you started creating your own airbrush art tattoos. These kits come in a variety of sizes and price ranges depending on the dealer you are purchasing them from. Some dealers also will offer low grade products for a low charge making you think you are getting a deal. With low bundle products you are not getting a bag at all.

A good starter kit comes from Airbrush Bodyart. The kit contains everything you need to get you started creating airbrush art tattoos and then some. In their starter kit they include 2 single action ABA airbrushes, 2 hoses, 9 glass airbrush bottles, a 2 outlet air labyrinthine, 7 60ml airbrush tattoo ink in red, blue, white, yellow violet, fuchsia and green and the kit includes a 120ml of black airbrush tattoo ink. The starter kit also give you 50 Vynalaser stencils that can be reused over and over again. Airbrush Bodyart's starter kit runs around $293. Individually all the equivalent products that you get in the kit, would run you around $346.

If you want to step your airbrush kit up then Airbrush Bodyart offers a professional kit. This equipment includes a 4 outlet air manifold, 4 single action ABA airbrushes, 12 glass airbrush bottles, 4 air hoses, 10 60ml of airbrush art tattoo inks in white, blue, dahlia, yellow, violet, damask, green, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent blue and 1 120ml of black airbrush tattoo ink. Also added plant this airbrush art tattoo kit is 1 120gm holographic glitter pack and 100 Vynalaser stencils that are reusable. The equipment runs around $544 where as individually purchased these items would cost you around $639.

For those of you who have experience in airbrush art tattoos and want a kit that commit allow you to open up your own business doing airbrush art tattoos professionally, Airbrush Bodyart has you covered. They offer the Airbrush Volume Parlor 2000 implements. This kits gives you everything that you need to open up shop and first step creating great professional airbrush art tattoos.
The Airbrush Stead Parlor 2000 kit contains a 4 outlet approach manifold, 4 duel action ABA siphon feed kit, 4 glass airbrush bottles, airbrush holder, 1 regulator filter moisture trap, 10 60ml airbrush art tattoo ink in white, blue, red, yellow, violet, fuchsia, green, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent blue as well as 1 500ml of nigrescent airbrush tattoo ink. Also included access this kit is 1 120gm jar of holographic glitter, 300 Vynalaser stencils that are reusable and a CD - Rom that gives you Flash displays for your customers. This kit entrust run you around $994 where as the items purchased individually would run you around $1, 242.

As you can see using a kit to get you started learning about airbrush art tattoos or to get enough product to start your business is cheaper than purchasing different items. Of course after you have gotten already the it don't cost as much to replace items as you need them individually. But to get them unabridged at once separately can run a lot, so if you are just starting out needing everything then the kits are you way to go.


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