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Free Ways To Gain Exposure For Your Airbrush Art

Free Ways To Gain Exposure For Your Airbrush Art

Getting known in any industry will receipts time but you have to get your work out there in frippery of people. It is unique after you have individuals looking and admiring your work will you finally start to alter to proclaimed. Practiced are several ways that you can get your airbrush art seen. Most of these ways will perfectly cost you nothing. The use of the internet has made unfeigned where you can show your push to the world for free.

Almost everyone on the internet has started using a blog. Well you should be no different. Get yourself a free blog and start showcasing what you can do. Don't just put up pictures of your work though. Make sure to actually talk to your convocation. Tell them about yourself and your fervor for airbrush art. Show some pictures of your work and tell your rendezvous how you created that design. Talk about the paints that you use, the types of airbrushes and so on and so forth. By discussing your techniques and sharing your insight you will show your audience that you are an artist that knows what they are doing.

Once you have a couple of post up telling about yourself and showing off some of your work whence you are ready to get your blog seen by the world. Some blog sites such as Shout Post and Tblog actually show your blog posts off for you to other bloggers. This helps to get your blog some traffic. If you choose a blog host that does not do that then you should look into some blog traffic exchanges. After all what good is the blog if no one is seeing it? So find a couple of blog traffic exchanges again register your blog. A good traffic exchange if Blog Explosion. This exchange allows you to not only surf discrepant blogs for traffic but lets you put your blog in the Battle of the Blogs for a chance to win traffic as well as ranking. Either way you are getting your blog seen again this means your airbrush art is getting seen.

Another ways to get your airbrush art seen is to take a look at some airbrush art websites. A lot of these websites offer a gallery that artist liability upload images of their work onto for free. This gets you seen by the webmaster of the site as well as other artists. Your work will be put up there for the sites traffic to see and thus obtaining you known in the industry. Take the time to submit several pictures of your work to several website airbrush art galleries. Don't depend on just a couple of pictures on exclusive or two sites to get you known.

Myspace is also a great way to get seen and gain some exposure. With myspace you can create a profile that is dedicated to you as an artist. Upload pictures of your work and take the time to create a couple of videos whereas well. Create the videos so that they presentation you in the act of working on your airbrush art. Make sure to use good lighting so that your videos precisely capture the art of what you are airbrushing. With millions of users on myspace you are sure to get yourself seen by people who are interested in your work.


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