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Types Of Airbrushes Available For Airbrush Art

Types of Airbrushes Available For Airbrush Art

When doing airbrush art there are different types of airbrushes that you can choose from. Depending on what you are actually creating will also determine what airbrush you need. Once you understand the different options that are available further the benefits of each option you leave be better able to determine which airbrush you need for which projects. For the paint you have an internal mix or an external mix.

The internal mix is when the air and the paint both mix inside of the airbrush. This leave create a atomized fine dab spray pattern. This makes the internal mix a good choice for elegant detailed donkeywork in your airbrush art. The term at which they come together is in the head assembly. The external mix is where the air and paint come together outside of the tip assembly or the fluid assembly. These airbrushes create a large dot pattern. Larger airbrushed areas are better done with the external compound. Since with the fitter dot pattern you are able to spray more areas in less time.

Airbrushes and come in single and dual action. This refers to how the airbrush functions. With single action only the air is controlled not tell the trigger. The commence will control the air and the amount of paint that comes out is determined by the needle adjustment on the back of the airbrush handle. Dual action is when the produce on the airbrush controls both the air and paint. The trigger is pressed down for the air further back for the paint.

Now when it comes to the feed on the airbrush there are three types of feeds that you can choose from. The type of feed you choose will also depend on what you are doing as well as what you are comfortable working with. The gravity feed is a top mount cup that uses gravity to pull the emulsion down into the airbrush. This feed is great for airbrush art designs that call for fine detail as the gravity feed uses less air pressure. The less air pressure means that you can use slower movements when airbrushing. The bottom feed is where the cup is mounted to the bottom of the airbrush also the paint is brought unfolding via a siphon tube. It is for this reason that the rock bottom feed is also referred to as a siphon feed. Since the artist can fasten the cup to the nix of the airbrush the colors answerability be contradistinct fast by using different cups prefilled with the colors needed.

Airbrush art also uses airbrushes with a side feed. The side feed has a cup that mounts on the side. Since the side feed can be rotated the artist contract airbrush either horizontal or vertical. Fine detail can be obtained with the side feed the same as the gravity feed. The advantage of the side feed is that unlike the gravity feed you do not have a cup mounted to where your vision is being obscured while you are creating airbrush art.


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